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Tamilnadu records a highest count of 3,680 Covid-19 cases today. By this the total Covid-19 cases in Tamilnadu rises to the count of 1,30,261. Death toll recorded today is 64. The total Covid-19 death count gets increased to 1,829.

Discharge count today is 4,163 and by this the Total Discharge count till today is 82,324. Chennai today records a Covid-19 infected count as 1,205. The Total Covid-19 infected persons count in Chennai has increased to 74,969.

Trichy today records Covid-19 infected person’s count as 109. Total count in trichy till date has increased to 1273. Out of which 857 persons got discharged, 404 patients are under treatment and 12 of them has succumbed to the pandemic infection.

To tackle and control the Covid19 spread, Trichy district administration has given Instructions have been given to residents to avoid Mass Gatherings.Areas with more number of Patients are made as containment zones and there will be full lockdown in that areas till 17 July.

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