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How to File a Complaint with Trichy Municipal Corporation

Understanding the Complaint Filing Process

The Trichy Municipal Corporation (TMC) has set up a number of avenues via which citizens can voice concerns and grievances regarding infrastructure and public services. Through proactive involvement with the city’s authorities, residents can significantly contribute to enhancing the city’s quality of life.

Importance of Reporting Issues to Trichy Municipal Corporation

To address community concerns and provide successful service delivery, issues must be reported to the TMC. When citizens voice their concerns and bring issues to the notice of the authorities, the municipal corporation is better equipped to prioritize and promptly handle these issues.

Types of Complaints Handled by the Municipal Corporation

There are numerous grievances handle from locals are addressed by the Trichy Municipal Corporation (TMC), including those concerning: – Basic services include drinking water quality, sewage disposal, and water delivery.

Check out some of the basic complaints handle is:

  • Upkeep of the infrastructure, such as patching up roads, lighting streets, and clearing canals and drainage systems.
  • Public health and sanitation concerns, such as animal annoyance, mosquito control, and waste collection.
  • Public services like property taxes, trade permits, and birth/death certificates .
  • Complaints pertaining to buildings, such as unpermitted construction, approved building plans, and upkeep of municipal structures.
  • Additional unrelated problems, such as parking, flood control, and information requests.
    The municipal corporation has established various channels for residents to report these types of complaints and grievances.

Channels for Filing Complaints in Trichy

The TMC website, an official WhatsApp number, email, and physical complaint registers at the company’s offices are the several ways that Trichy locals can file complaints.

Eligibility for Filing a Complaint

Residency: You must be resident of Trichy, regardless of their residential status or property ownership, is eligible to file a complaint.

Complaint Categories: Numerous issues about public health, infrastructure upkeep, basic amenities, and civic services are handled by the TMC. This covers things like waste collection, street lighting, road repairs, sewerage, water supply, and more.

Complaint Registration: The TMC’s internet site, a specific WhatsApp number, email, and physical complaint registers at the company’s offices are just a few of the ways that locals can file complaints.

Required Information for Complaint Submission

Citizens should include specifics like the issue’s nature, the location, and any supporting documentation or images when registering a complaint. The TMC can solve the issue more skillfully with the use of this knowledge.

Steps to File a Complaint with Trichy Municipal Corporation

Online Complaint Filing Process

  • You can visit the TMC’s online grievance redressal portal and create a new account if you don’t have.
  • Then you can select the appropriate complaint category and provide the necessary details.
  • After that upload any relevant documents or photographs.
  • Submit the complaint and note the unique reference number for future follow-up.

Offline Complaint Filing Process

  • In case if you want to submit it offline then visit the nearest TMC zonal office or the main office.
  • Fill out the physical complaint form and submit it to the designated official.
  • Obtain a copy of the complaint acknowledgment for future reference.
  • Follow-Up and Resolution Tracking
How to File a Complaint with Trichy Municipal Corporation
How to File a Complaint with Trichy Municipal Corporation

Once you submit the application then residents can track the status of their complaints through the TMC’s online website or by contacting the respective zonal office. The municipal corporation is committed to addressing all valid complaints within a reasonable timeframe.


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